Founded in 2013, the RailTown Off-Road Club is a family oriented social group that welcomes everyone who enjoys responsible off-highway driving, social events, community activities, and club sanctioned outings.

We are located in Northern California in the town of Tracy and we welcome 4-wheel drive vehicles of almost all makes and models–from bone stock, to heavily modified.

We strive to keep the trails open for all recreation and to enjoy and protect our natural resources in the pursuit and enjoyment of the outdoors and of back-country trail exploration. Whatever we take into the back-country we take out and we firmly believe in treading lightly.

Club Officers
President: Mitch Creegan
Vice President: Joseph Santen
Treasurer: Steve Allen (Acting)
Secretary: Beth Lehto
Sargent of Arms: TBD
Webmaster: Bob

If you would like to consider joining our club, please take a look at our Meeting Calendar and show up to one of the scheduled meetings. Meeting Calendar